Operating Room Team Fashionably Outfitted

The Operating Room Team has brand new scrubs thanks to a generous donation by Uli Walther (right, front) and Swen Ruhmann (left, front). After the closure of Aloft Uniforms, Walther needed to find a home for excess inventory and was delighted to donate $42,000 worth of uniforms to the Hospital. Proudly showcasing the new uniforms are (l-r) Anthony Caputo (Biomed), Cherie Gunsinger (OR Booking Clerk), Adam Vinet (Director, Surgical Services), Nicole Le Dressay (Perioperative Nurse), Patti Ransome (OR Attendant) and Christine Erickson (Perioperative Manager).

Uli Walther had a unique ‘problem’ when he recently made the decision to close the doors of one of his businesses – Aloft Uniforms. Thousands of pieces of uniform scrubs were lining the shelves of his warehouse.

His solution? Find a home for them.

“Believe it or not, these were not the easiest thing to give away,” he chuckled. “It was a fortuitous meeting with Dr. Peter Clarke that led me to a discussion with Hospital staff about our ability to donate this clothing to the Operating Room.”

Walther, who is the President of U2 Fasteners, along with Chief Operations Officer, Swen Ruhmann, were delighted when they got a ‘yes’ from the Hospital to receive the items. For several weeks they worked to organize and sort all the pieces – a total of 6,000 pieces in fact – to be ready for delivery.

Christine Erickson, Perioperative Manager at the Hospital was in total shock when she got the news that brand new scrubs were being donated to the Operating Room. “I couldn’t believe it. I thought someone was pulling my leg. But it was the best Christmas present I could have asked for,” she grinned. “They’re absolutely perfect,” she continued. “Our whole team is so grateful to have these new pieces as we’re constantly on the search for items to wear.”

Upon delivery at the Hospital, the scrubs were laundered and stamped with the Operating Room logo. “They look really good,” said Walther and Ruhmann upon seeing some of the team wearing the new uniforms. “Very sharp.”

In total, the value of the new scrubs, along with some other pieces that were donated like lab coats and other various pieces came to $42,000. “It was important to us to contribute to our local community,” said Walther. “When we were here at the Hospital today and we saw everyone dressed in the new scrubs – it made me feel very proud that we could do this. Not only that, I think it gives the staff a really professional look. We have a fantastic facility here and we should celebrate that.”