Meet the Adams Family, Valued Volunteers

Brad Adams, Marilyn Adams, and Olivia Adams. Three generations of Volunteers at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.
Brad Adams, Marilyn Adams, and Olivia Adams. Three generations of Volunteers at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

For Olivia, Brad, and Marilyn Adams, volunteering is a family business! The daughter, father, and grandmother trio are all volunteers in different departments at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. Olivia volunteers in the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP); Brad volunteers in Wayfinding, and Marilyn volunteers in Healthy Lifestyles, Cardiac Rehab.

Why did you originally want to start to volunteer at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre?

Marilyn: I originally started volunteering at the TBRHSC because I have the time, availability, and a strong desire to help people. My granddaughter and son encouraged me to become involved. I am a previous participant of the Healthy Lifestyles program and had a great experience.

Brad: My daughter was volunteering at the hospital and from discussion with her, I could see the positive impact it was having on her in helping others. This led me to consider volunteering at the hospital once I retired. In my previous work experience it gave me satisfaction in helping others and coordinating service delivery to the community.

Olivia: Originally I started volunteering at the hospital because I had a growing interest in healthcare and I wanted to gain experience. At the time, I was too young to work, but eager to get involved so volunteering presented itself as a great opportunity to gain valuable experience.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering?

Marilyn: My favorite thing about volunteering is interacting with staff members and participants of the program. As a volunteer, I have the privilege of talking with participants and listening to their stories. I find great satisfaction in encouraging and assisting them throughout the program. Ultimately, it is the people themselves who make each shift rewarding.

Brad: Volunteering in the Wayfinding position has many different tasks assigned to it, from answering general questions, to directing and assisting people with where they need to go. My favorite thing about volunteering is helping or assisting people with getting where they need to go within the hospital. This always brings me satisfaction and a smile to my face when at the end of the day I know I helped somebody get to an appointment, visit a family member within the hospital or make a delivery to a patient within the hospital.

Olivia: My favorite thing about volunteering in the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) is the opportunity to connect with seniors. As I transitioned into roles as an employee as a unit care aide and nursing student, my interactions with patients became more task-oriented. Volunteering with HELP allows me time to engage in meaningful conversations with hospitalized seniors.

What would you tell someone who is interested in Volunteering at the Hospital?

Marilyn: Volunteering at the hospital is a rewarding experience. There is always an opportunity to make a difference and I encourage anyone interested in volunteering to apply. Age knows no limits when it comes to trying something new, so don’t hesitate to get involved.

Brad: Volunteering at the hospital or any organization provides you a good feeling about helping others and giving back to the community overall is satisfying.

Olivia: Volunteering at the hospital is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to learn and gives you a unique perspective into our healthcare system and community. I encourage everyone to try volunteering if they have the opportunity to.

Thank you to these amazing volunteers who take time out of their busy schedule every week to volunteer at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre!