Medical Staff Directory

The Medical Staff or Privileged Staff at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre is comprised of approximately 700 active and/or associate professional staff which include physicians, dentists, midwifes and nurse practitioners (RN-EC).

 Dr. Bradley Jacobson, Chief of Staff at TBRHSC

Under the leadership of our Chief of Staff, Dr. Bradley Jacobson, the Medical Staff Office is responsible for medical human, operational and capital resource planning, recruitment activities, continuing medical education opportunities, credentialing, management of patient concerns and ensuring the delivery of quality medical care. Continuous quality management activities of the medical/privileged staff are managed through the Chiefs of Service or Departments.

Professional Staff Officers

Dr. Salima Oukachbi

Vice President
Dr. Yasser Labib

Dr. William Hettenhausen

Chiefs of Departments

Chief of Staff
Dr. Bradley Jacobson

Chief of Anaesthesia
Dr. Michele Cappello

Chief of Critical Care
Dr. Michael Scott

Chief of Dentistry
Dr. Bruce Pynn

Chief of Diagnostic Imaging
Dr. Anatoly Shuster

Chief of Emergency/Trauma Medicine
Dr. Kyle Lansdell

Chief of General & Family Practice
Dr. Jeremy Mozzon

Chief of Internal Medicine
Dr. Masoud Sadreddini

Chief of Midwifery
Ms. Alexis Sieswerda

Chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dr. Laura Power

Chief of Oncology
Dr. Nicole Laferriere

Chief of Pathology
Dr. David Welbourne

Chief of Paediatrics
Dr. Linda Bakovic

Chief of Psychiatry
Dr. Samer Khalil

Chief of Surgery
Dr. Tina LeFrancois

Medical Staff Directory