Laboratory Services

The Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Clinical Laboratory provides a range of lab tests to help healthcare providers diagnose diseases and medical conditions. These tests include chemistry and hematology blood analysis (blood work), urinalysis (urine), microbiology (bacteria and other microscopic organisms), and pathology studies (organs, tissues, etc.). The lab provides services for inpatients as well as for outpatients through Ambulatory Care Services. Outpatient tests are ordered by a primary care provider including your family doctor or nurse practitioner, or another healthcare provider.

What to Expect

Blood Work

All blood work is done in Ambulatory Care – an appointment is not required for blood collection. Your primary care provider or the ordering healthcare professional will let you know about any dietary and medications restrictions leading up to your test.

On the day of your appointment, please proceed directly to Ambulatory Care reception, located in the Main Lobby. Please bring the following to each visit:

  • Requisition form (this may be faxed to the lab by the ordering healthcare professional)
  • Your health card
  • If you have dietary needs, bring a suitable snack for after the test
  • A book or other form of entertainment in case there is a longer wait


Requisition documentation must include:

  • Full patient name
  • Date of birth
  • Health card number
  • Physician name and signature
  • Identification of requested laboratory tests.


Once registration of the lab requisition is complete, you will be asked to sit in the waiting area. You will be called by your first name and accompanied by the phlebotomist to the procedure room.

Urine and Stool Collection

Your primary care provider or the healthcare professional who ordered the test will likely explain what it involved. You should also refer to the Clinical Laboratory Specimen Collection Pamphlet for specific instructions on proper procedures. Please follow these instructions closely (including dietary and medication restrictions) as they provide the best chance at a good sample, reducing the need for a re-test. You can get a copy of this pamphlet at the Ambulatory Care reception desk or download a PDF copy here.

If you are diabetic or have a condition that requires you to take food and medications more regularly, discuss these with your care provider before your appointment and please inform reception upon arrival.

Test Results

All test results will be forwarded to the care providers indicated on the laboratory requisition. Lab services cannot discuss test results with you directly, or provide any kind of diagnosis.