Regional Bariatric Care Centre

The Regional Bariatric Care Centre (RBCC) is a Bariatric Centre of Excellence that provides specialized treatment options for adults living with obesity and weight-related complications. The RBCC team works with patients living in Northern Ontario to support improvements in health and quality of life.

Read the story of how two brothers changed their lives with support from TBRHSC’s Regional Bariatric Care Centre.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a chronic, progressive and relapsing disease, characterized by the presence of abnormal or excess adiposity (fat tissue) that reduces health and social well-being.

Watch Obesity: A Chronic Disease of the of the Brain

Obesity can affect anyone of any age, culture or income bracket. One in four struggle with obesity in Northwestern Ontario, which has the second highest obesity rate of any region in the province.


Patients must be referred by their family doctor or nurse practitioner through the Ontario Bariatric Network’s referral portal. This centralized system improves the care of patients with obesity and streamlines the process.

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