The Surgical Central Intake Department is a centralized intake for Surgery and Endoscopic referrals. Surgical Central Intake utilizes an electronic referral system (eReferral) that provides one point of contact for referrals through a centralized intake, and provision of care that is coordinated and integrated with primary care. Incoming referrals for patients requiring advanced levels of care are checked for completeness and the patient may be booked with a Nurse Practitioner for assessment or the referral may be routed directly to a Surgeon, Endoscopist, or our Diagnostic Assessment Program (ENDO DAP). We are dedicated to helping patients achieve health and wellness by providing timely access to outstanding clinical care. 

Currently, Surgical Central Intake accepts referrals for the Rapid Access Clinic as part of the Regional Joint Assessment Centre (Hip and Knee, Shoulder, Spine), Endoscopy; Gynecology (termination of pregnancy); and General Surgery (hernia and gallbladder only at this time). Urology referrals are also received via Centralized Intake, although these are sent direct to the Urology department.