Child Life Services

Staying at the hospital, attending appointments, or having day surgery can be very stressful for anyone. Unfortunately, the stress surrounding the hospital environment is even higher for children. Children and children that have a variety of medical requirements can experience many negative feelings. Children often have feelings of fear, confusion, isolation, and uncertainty just by being away from their own home and bed. As a result the physical and emotional health and a Child's overall well-being can be negatively impacted.

Child Life Services can help. With the support of a Child Life Specialist, children can master these feelings through play, education, and support. This allows children to understand the reasons why they are here. The program also offers a number of distractions for the children including toys, games, video games, and DVDs to help pass the time and take their minds off things. The Child Life Specialist assists in preparing children for tests & procedures. If your child needs assistance with adjusting to hospitalization or preparing for a test or procedure, parents/guardians may contact the Child Life Specialist at 684-5818

For more information, ask your nurse about how Child Life Services can help your child – and your family – have a more positive stay.