Paediatrics – General

Any time our children are sick or injured, it can be a stressful time. Visits to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre can also be scary for the children themselves, whether they are staying overnight in our Paediatric Inpatient Unit, or if they are have tests or procedures done at Paediatric Outpatient Services.

The Paediatric Team does everything we can to make your child’s visit a positive experience for them – and for you. We have a Child Life Specialist on staff to help children understand and process why they are here, and to help them keep their minds occupied with games, activities, and toys. If your child needs assistance with adjusting to hospitalization or preparing for a test or procedure, a Child Life Specialist can assess and offer assistance with preparing your child.

How Can I Help My Child Prepare?

There are things you can do to help, too. The following are suggestions to help you prepare your child for a visit to the Health Sciences Centre:

  • Prepare yourself. Talk with healthcare professions, so you understand your child’s upcoming healthcare experience.
  • Talk to your child about their upcoming visit to the hospital.
  • Encourage your child to ask questions.
  • Listen to your child’s concerns.
  • Keep in mind your child’s previous hospital experience (both positive and negative).
  • Avoid using words with multiple meanings (dye, shots, flush, gas).
  • Be honest, talk about how long it may take, and what senses may be involved (smell, taste, sounds, sight, touch).
  • Talk about ways to help your child cope during a procedure (for example, singing, hugging, counting, reading a book together, blowing bubbles, playing with a toy).
  • Read books about the hospital experience (see below for a list of books).
  • Reassure your child that members of the healthcare team will support them during procedure.
  • Use language your child will understand.
  • If you can, reassure your child that you will stay with them.
  • Plan a special celebration when your child returns home.

Paediatric OR Tour

Rej The Puppet is here to show you that having an operation doesn’t need to be scary. Join him and his friends at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre – Phoebe, Jill, Dr. Ron and Carole – as they show Rej what it’s like to have an operation.

Click to visit Reg and his friends!

Books To Prepare Your Child For The Hospital:

  • A Trip to the Hospital (broken arm/X-ray/cast) by Kim Watson
  • Blueberry Eyes (eye treatment) by Monica Driscoll Beatty
  • Caillou: A Visit To the Doctor (doctor’s visit) by Joceline Sanschagrin
  • Clifford Visits The Hospital (hospital visit) by Norman Bridwell
  • Cordoroy Goes To The Doctor (doctor’s visit) by Freeman/McCue
  • Curious George Goes to the Hospital (hospital/X-ray/O.R) by Margret & H.Rey
  • Franklin Goes to the Hospital (admission/X-ray/O.R) by Bourgeois & Clark
  • Going to the Hospital (hospital/blood work/playroom) by Fred Rogers
  • Jenny in the Hospital (hospital stay/cast) by Seymour Reit
  • Let’s Talk About Going to the Hospital (hospital stay) by Marianne Johnson
  • Midnight Hospital (hospital stay for school-age) by Morgan/Martchenko
  • My Doctor My Friend (doctor’s visit) by Hallinan
  • Phil and Lil Go to the Doctor (doctor’s visit) by Spotlight/Nickelodeon
  • Sonja Lee Visits the Doctor (doctor’s visit) by Carol Monica
  • Tom and Ally Visits the Doctor (doctor’s visit) by Beth Robins
  • The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor (doctor’s visit) by Stan and Jan Berenstain
  • This is a Hospital not a Zoo (hospital stay for school-age children) by Roberta Karim