The Surgical Service provides inpatient and outpatient services for general, neurosurgical, orthopedics, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat), gynecological, plastic, oral and dental, ophthalmology, thoracic, vascular, urology and endoscopic services in a comprehensive care environment delivered by an interprofessional team. The Service works closely with community partners, planning and providing preoperative and postoperative assessments as well as coordinating follow-up care to help improve patient outcomes. The Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) oversees several clinics including colposcopy, urology, urodynamics, dressing/wound care assessment clinic, intravenous therapy, cystoscopy, dermatology, fracture clinic, laser clinic, medical surgical (Minor Medical/Surgical Procedures), ophthalmology, and PICC Line Services. The ACU also coordinates a variety of Health Sciences Centre resources for procedures that need to be performed in an acute care setting. The ACU operates completely on a referral basis from area physicians with the exception of the Fracture Clinic which accepts referrals from physicians in the Emergency Department.