Diagnostic Assessment Programs

Diagnostic Assessment Programs (DAPs) at our Hospital can be thought of as a “one-stop shop” for people who are having tests for a particular type of cancer. They provide a single point of referral for physicians, making it faster and easier for them to refer their patients for testing if there is a suspicion of cancer. The DAPs also provide a single point of contact for patients and their families during this time, improving their quality of care.

It is important to note that a referral to a Diagnostic Assessment Program does not necessarily mean that an individual has cancer.

DAPs are multidisciplinary teams of healthcare providers who manage and coordinate the entire process from testing to reaching a definitive diagnosis. This approach is designed to shorten the time from suspicion to diagnosis (testing wait time). DAPs are patient-centred, providing support and information for patients and their families during what may be a stressful period in their lives. Patient navigators work with patients to coordinate care, which could include doctor appointments, tests, and other procedures.

There are several DAPs offered at our Hospital, including:

  • Breast assessment offered through the Linda Buchan Centre for Breast Screening and Assessment
  • Colon (Direct Referral Colon Screening Program) DAP
  • Lung DAP

Diagnostic Assessment:

  • The Diagnostic Assessment Program supports patients and their families throughout testing.
  • Patient Navigators work with patients to improve coordination of care.
  • DAPs are streamlined pathways for patients to test for cancer.
  • The DAP aims is to reduce wait times, and to ease stress and anxiety during testing for patients and their families.
  • Testing can include doctor’s appointments, tests such as a CT scan or a colonoscopy, and biopsies, among other procedures.
  • A referral to a DAP does not necessarily mean a patient has cancer.