Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre is committed to providing an excellent teaching and learning environment. As such, we offer observerships in many areas of our health sciences centre.

Observers are defined as “an individual who wishes to gain knowledge or expertise about healthcare and/or services within a health care organization”.

Who can apply for an Observership?

  • Individuals contemplating an educational program such as nursing, medicine, or any other health profession;
  • Professional Staff or Health Professionals from another institution wishing to gain further understanding of a procedure or examine practice opportunities;
  • Business professional/Pharmaceutical employees wishing to observe product use;
  • International Medical Graduates (IMG) wishing to gain experience in a Canadian Institution

How do I apply for an Observership?

If you are interested in an observership and fall into one of the categories above, the following paperwork is required 2 – 4 weeks before any observership can begin:

  1. FCS-326-Observer Request Form – complete with current supervisor’s signature
  2. Entry Immunization Form
    • Required if you are requesting an observership longer than 2 days. Note all serology and immunizations are required.
    • If you are requesting an observership for less than 2 days, only a 2 step TB skin test is required.
  3. FCS-325-Observer Confidentiality Agreement
  4. FCS 242 – Release from Liability – Observation of Any Procedure
  5. Proof of International Graduate (IMG) Status, if applicable
  6. Curriculum Vitae
  7. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination

Who is responsible for finding a supervisor for an observership?

It is the observer’s responsibility to find an appropriate supervisor and then proceed with the application process. If you would like to pursue an observership with Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre but do not have a supervisor, please call Academic Affairs to discuss.
We will do our best to facilitate this process but cannot guarantee that a connection will be made.

Academic Affairs
Karen Anderson
(807) 684-6416

What is the length of Observership allowed?

Most observerships are 1-2 days in length but will be approved for up to a period of 4 weeks.

What will I be allowed/not allowed to do during an observership?

Observers are to be fully aware that this is strictly an observational experience and as such will exclude any and all forms of direct and indirect patient care. Observers will not:

  • Engage in patient care of any kind
  • Participate in health information gathering
  • Participate in treatment of any manner
  • Access patient charts or information
  • Be given TBRHSC computer access

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to:

  • Accompany the observer at all times
  • Introduce the observer and ensure expressed patient consent is obtained every time the observer is present during patient-related activity
  • Ensure this consent is documented in the patients chart

For further questions, please contact Academic Affairs at or (807) 684-6416