Nurturing Respect Through Self-Awareness

Bruno Tassone
Respect is a core value of Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre. Bruno Tassone is one of the Interprofessional Educators involved in the respect and self-awareness training activities being offered to all Hospital employees and volunteers.

“As patients, we expect that when we come through the hospital doors we will experience a certain level of respect,” said Keith Taylor, Co-Chair, Patient Family Advisor Council. “As Patient and Family Advisors, it is our obligation to make sure patients, their families, and staff practice respect each and every day.”

To help nurture a respectful environment at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, self-awareness training activities are offered to all employees and volunteers.

“Self-awareness is a crucial aspect of respect. It’s about having a clear idea of your own personality, including your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation and emotions,” said Bruno Tassone, Interprofessional Educator. “It also helps you understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them in the moment. When people feel understood, they feel more respected, and that is how we want all our staff, and our patients and their families to feel.”

So far, the feedback to the training initiatives, which include an online webinar and discussion-based team workshops, has been very positive. Of the participants who have already completed the training, 88% believe the activities have increased their level of self-awareness. Participants have also noted that since completing the training, they will now pause and reflect for a moment before making assumptions, be more aware of their biases and how they perceive others, and ask more questions.

“We’re very pleased with the way everyone is embracing respect within our organization, and the enthusiasm that we’ve seen during these early training initiatives,” said Tassone. “Our work to increase self-awareness and uncover biases and stereotypes will be an ongoing process, and we’re very encouraged with the progress we have accomplished. It’s an important part of ensuring a safe and respectful environment for everyone at our Hospital.”

Respect is a core value of the Hospital.  It creates and encourages positive attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that recognize and honour the uniqueness and importance of others. To learn more about how the Hospital values respect, visit