World Kidney Day (March 9)

World Kidney Day
Staff from our Hospital's Regional Renal Program invites everyone to celebrate World Kidney Day and advance kidney health education.

World Kidney Day (March 9) is celebrated annually across the globe to inform the public about the importance of kidney health. This year’s theme, “Kidney Health for All — Preparing for the unexpected, supporting the vulnerable,” provides an opportunity to raise awareness about kidney health and the impact of disastrous events on people living with kidney disease, whose access to appropriate diagnostic services, treatment, and care may be hindered.

People with kidney disease are among the most vulnerable people in an emergency because of their ongoing need for consistently coordinated care, which is often lifelong and involves complex ongoing treatment.

The impact of COVID-19 on the health system has placed additional strain on this vulnerable population in recent years.

The whole of society, including policymakers, health care services, governments, industry, as well as people living with kidney disease and their caregivers, must be prepared for unexpected events to avoid any disruption in access to diagnosis, treatment, and care.

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