Women in Action Members Making a Difference in Health Care

Privacy partition ED
Before and after the installation of a glass privacy partition at B Nursing Station in the Emergency Department at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. The partition was made possible by donations from the Women in Action!

It’s been an incredible year for Women in Action! Because of our corporate sponsor, Northern Credit Union, our committee is able to host unique events like the recent “Emergency Team in Action” event where members viewed a code blue simulation by our Emergency Team. As well, this past summer, members were invited to tour the restored heritage home of Rob and Liana Frenette, fondly named Windrose.

This past year, we have grown our membership from 103 to 143 members and, more importantly, at our annual voting event, our members voted to grant $40,000 to the Emergency Department at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.  The grant was used to purchase all new privacy curtains for the entire emergency department and also to fund the millwork and installation of a new glass partition at the B Nursing Station.

Our emergency department is one of the busiest in the province; therefore, it’s not unusual for patients to be in stretchers or chairs in the hallway putting them in close proximity to work spaces, specifically, Nursing Station B.

In the photo above, Shelley Sanderson, Women in Action member and Emergency and Trauma Operations Coordinator, happily shows off the new glass partition at Nursing Station B.

Shelley commented that “This new partition has already made a huge difference. This station is across from security which can be a very busy and noisy area and the partition helps to buffer some of the noise but still allows for clear observation of our patients. Further, health care staff are now better able to have confidential conversations without being overhead by patients and visitors. This new glass partition is a win-win for both the patients and healthcare providers.”

About Women in Action

Formed in the fall of 2016, Women in Action (WIA) is an annual giving program of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation. WIA is a united membership of dedicated and dynamic women with a shared philanthropic interest in improving healthcare at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

Since 2016, WIA has raised over $230,000 and has granted $90,000 to the Emergency Department thus far. Currently the majority of our membership donations are being reserved to support a large renovation project that will see a more private and streamlined Triage Area and the addition of a Mental Health Emergency Services Area.

Throughout the year, there are exclusive member only events and, a couple of times a year, we host open events in an effort to recruit new members. We also have an exclusive closed Facebook Page so members can connect and network between events. Further, we have an annual voting event where all members in attendance have the opportunity to raise their voice and vote on a project and/or need within our Emergency Department. We network, celebrate, collaborate and, together, we decide what healthcare means to us.

All women are welcome to join Women in Action! Membership is a minimum $500 donation per year and can be paid in monthly installments.

To join Women in Action, please visit: www.healthsciencesfoundation.ca/wia

For more information about Women in Action, contact one of our committee members or contact Cindy Levanto-Kawahara at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation at (807) 684-7107 or by email at: cindy.kawahara@healthsciencesfoundation.ca

Women in Action Committee Members

  • Pam Peterson, Chair
  • Natasha Mellon, Vice Chair
  • Lisa Beck
  • Sharon Bon
  • Terri Hrkac
  • Cindy Levanto-Kawahara
  • Janet Margarit
  • Nicole Margarit
  • Ivana Mihaljevic
  • Melissa Roulston
  • Karin Sitko
  • Cathy Tesolin
  • Donna Yocom