COVID-19 Vaccinations for High-Risk Individuals: Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered an eligible health condition?

The Ontario Ministry of Health has identified health conditions that may increase an individual’s risk of illness due to COVID-19. Vaccine will be offered to those with conditions deemed to be the highest risk first. Additional medical conditions will be added to the list as this group is vaccinated and vaccine supply allows. Please visit for more information on eligibility.

I have a health condition that is not mentioned in the list on the TBDHU web page. When will I be able to get vaccinated?

Not everyone listed in the Phase 2 vaccination plan will be offered vaccine immediately. While there are a large number of health conditions included within this plan, only those with the highest risk conditions are being offered appointments at this time. The pace at which vaccines are offered to additional groups is based on vaccine supply as well as the number of individuals within the group currently being vaccinated. Please follow our website and social media for regular updates on vaccine eligibility.

How can individuals who are eligible but homebound get vaccinated?

A. TBDHU is leading the vaccine rollout in the community and will be providing vaccine to this group. Please visit for further information. There is an online form available at the TBDHU website to complete if you fit within this category.

My doctor gave me a letter and instructed me to get a COVID-19 vaccine because I have a health condition. However, my condition is not on the high-risk list. Am I eligible to be vaccinated? Who do I talk to about booking an appointment?

Only those with the health conditions listed on our website are currently eligible. Please contact us at for consideration of exceptional circumstances.

I have a high-risk health condition. Can my caregiver/spouse get vaccinated?

One essential caregiver per patient within the Highest and High Risk groups are eligible for vaccination. The definition of an essential caregiver is someone providing direct, frequent and sustained in-person personal care and/or assistance with activities of daily living to the individual. Essential caregivers will receive their second dose 16 weeks after their first dose, regardless of whether or not the individual they provide care for qualifies for a second dose at 21-28 days.

Who is determining who can get a COVID-19 vaccine and when?

Vaccine eligibility is based on the Ontario Government’s three-phase distribution plan. Individuals with high-risk chronic conditions and one essential caregiver are currently part of Phase 2 of this plan. How the plan is then rolled out within our community is determined by TBDHU.

Do I get a choice in which vaccine I will receive?

The TBRHSC Vaccination Clinic only offers the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine at this time.

How do I book an appointment?

If you are eligible, you can schedule your COVID-19 vaccine appointment by visiting or by calling (807) 935-8100.

Where do individuals with eligible health conditions go to get vaccinated?

Vaccine appointments for individuals with eligible health conditions will take place at the Bora Laskin building on the Lakehead University campus.

I am a high-risk individual living in the District of Thunder Bay. Where do I go to get vaccinated? Do I have to come to Thunder Bay?

Patients in the District of Thunder Bay may book an appointment to attend our clinic or contact their local Family Health Team/Community Health Centre to book an appointment within their community.

When will I receive my second dose?

All second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in Ontario will be provided 16 weeks after the first dose is administered with the following exceptions:

  • Residents of long-term care and retirements homes as well as assisted living
  • Solid organ and stem cell transplant recipients
  • Individuals with cancer who are receiving active and stable treatment (chemotherapy, targeted therapies and immunotherapy)