To Be or Not to Be… a Bachelor for Hope

Bachelor for Hope bachelors performing a dance

When asked to participate in last year’s Elekta Bachelors for Hope Charity Auction, Mike Smit’s nerves told him not to do it. Luckily, instead, he chose to listen to some of the former bachelors who told him – 100% – do it! And this is his advice for any local bachelors considering or being asked to participate in this year’s event.

“Based on my experience, I’d encourage other bachelors to do it for sure,” says Mike. “The organizing committee members are very good at calming your nerves and encouraging you. There are going to be 500 screaming women and you’re just going to have a high-adrenaline crazy, fun time.”

To Mike, it was really about raising money for a great cause. The Elekta Bachelors for Hope Charity Auction supports the Health Sciences Foundation’s Exceptional Cancer Care Campaign for leading edge breast cancer screening, diagnoses, treatment and research in Northwestern Ontario.\

Each year, the participating bachelors take a few dance lessons to prepare for the opening dance and bachelor introductions. “The first dance was a rush,” says Mike. “There was a big difference between rehearsing in a room filled with hundreds of empty chairs and performing with all of those chairs filled with people cheering you on.”

The bachelors also raise funds on their own for breast cancer. Many of last year’s bachelors participated in honour of women they know who’ve had breast cancer.

The big takeaway of being a Bachelor for Hope, according to Mike, is the people you meet. “Be assured you’re going to have a good time and meet a lot of great people who you’ll end up remaining friends with.”

Mike’s advice to this year’s Bachelors is to go into the experience with an open mind and just enjoy the time. “It’s all about the cause so just have fun with it. Most importantly,” he says with a smile, “don’t miss any of the dance rehearsals!”

Calling all Bachelors!

The organizing committee is currently recruiting potential bachelors to participate in the 17th Annual Elekta Bachelors for Hope Charity Auction on April 16, 2015! If you would like to participate, or know a bachelor you think might be interested, please contact Devon at to obtain an application or for any additional information. Applications are due Wednesday, February 4, 2015.