Rays of Light: Work of art depicts experiences in Patient and Family Centred Care

Amy Halvorsen, Shelley Tees and Nicole Landgraff Wegner.

Three nurses at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, Nicole Landgraff Wegner, Shelley Tees and Amy Halvorsen, joined forces to create a beautiful art piece that depicted their experiences in providing Patient and Family Centred Care.

“As health care providers we can look to nature and spend time outdoors to rejuvenate our spirits, which helps us continue to provide the care our patients need and deserve. This was the major influence for this creative endeavor,” said Wegner, Tees and Halvorsen. “The family represents the many lives we touch as health care providers. The sun and its rays extend out like the compassion we bring to our patients, and the Sleeping Giant, or Nanabijou, is the reminder that this land and its peoples must be protected and cared for.”

The meaningful image is innovative in both message and medium. The art piece was made using hospital waste. Over the span of two years, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurses collected the colorful caps from the bottles of medication they deliver to their tiny patients. Those caps were then artistically repurposed to create the beautiful table that doubles as an inspirational art piece.