The Indigenous Care Coordinator is available for navigation, advocacy, discharge planning, and support for Indigenous inpatients and families that are unfamiliar with medical systems, do not speak English, and/or have travelled a long distance for medical care. Indigenous Care Coordinator services include:
    • Connecting to translation and interpretation services in Cree, Oji-Cree and Ojibway
    • Supporting inpatient during their stay at Health Sciences Centre
    • Liaising and advocating for patients and their families with their health care team
    • Providing information and education in a culturally sensitive way
    • Providing a connection with Non-Insured Health Benefits, access to iPad and book lending libraries, link patients to traditional care practitioners, and act as liaisons with the Complements & Concerns process
    • Participate in bed rounds to support patients, nursing staff and interprofessional teams to develop appropriate plan of care and discharge plan
    • Facilitating discharge planning with physician/health care practitioner through an interdisciplinary team approach
Please phone an Indigenous Care Coordinator directly, through email, or referrals can be done through Meditech order entry category: INDSERV procedure: ICC.

Indigenous Care Coordinator contact:  

  • Gloria Boshkaykin - (807) 684-7923
  • Carla Shawayhamaish - (807) 684-7920
  • Naomi Sinclair - (807) 684-7274
  • Jillian Larabee – Grand Council Treaty #3 - (807) 684-6248