Diagnostic Assessment Programs (DAPs) at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre provide a single point of referral for physicians, making it faster and easier for them to refer their patients for testing if there is a suspicion of cancer. The DAPs also provide a single point of contact for patients and their families during this time, improving their quality of care.

DAPs are multidisciplinary teams of health care providers who manage and coordinate the entire process from testing to reaching a definitive diagnosis. This approach is designed to shorten the time from suspicion to diagnosis. DAPs are patient-centred, providing support and information for patients and their families during what may be a stressful period in their lives.

There are several DAPs offered at our Hospital, including:

Please fax the Lung DAP referral form to Dr. Gehman’s Office at (807) 345-4319.

For more information, please visit: Diagnostic and Assessment Programs