New Website Will Help Healthcare Providers to Enhance Quality Stroke Care

The NWORSN’s new website will provide users with the flexibility to access the site on multiple platforms such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers.

After many months of consultation, development and user testing, the Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network (NWORSN) proudly unveiled their fully refreshed and updated website.

The new NWORSN website was designed and built internally; using staff expertise from the Health Science Centre’s Communications and Engagement team and the Information Technology department. It replaces an outdated website which was no longer user-friendly for healthcare professionals working in stroke care.

The design enhances the stroke continuum of care for healthcare providers by providing six areas of care: Public Awareness, Prevention, Hyperacute, Acute, Rehabilitation and Community/Long Term Care. There is an assortment of information in each area including quick facts, best practices, resources and contact information. The continuum of care section will be the go-to resource for all healthcare providers in stroke care.

“Our team wanted to create a website that focused on the needs of the end user, which are professionals in stroke care who work in Northwestern Ontario”, says Keli Cristofaro, Stroke Community Engagement Specialist, NWORSN. “In addition to connecting the many professionals who work in stroke care across our vast geographical region, the new website will also help them to share expertise and deliver better patient care”.

Another goal for the new website is to connect stroke survivors and caregivers. The website provides current information on stroke including a section on stroke survivors and caregiver resources. In order to ensure that the website is also patient-friendly, the NWORSN asked two Patient Family Advisors (PFAs) at the Health Sciences Centre to view and navigate the website and provide feedback. Initial feedback obtained indicated that the website “looks great and has a lot of information to read.”

The website will house all regional opportunities for education and events in its own section. In addition, the website has a section called “Stroke News” where the website will have relevant stroke news articles and will put a regional focus to the news.

The NWORSN’s new website will provide users with the flexibility to access the site on multiple platforms (smart phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers). New features include a strong linkage to the Health Sciences Centre’s website and its social media channels, easily accessible and high-demand information on the stroke continuum of care, and a clean, easy to read design.

The NWORSN team will continue to work with stakeholders to keep the website current, relevant and provide accurate information in a timely fashion. The NWORSN will strive to be your leader in stroke care for Northwestern Ontario. Please visit: