National Nursing Week Spotlight: Meghan Hill

Meet Meghan Hill, a Registered Nurse (RN) and Patient Care Manger on the 2B Medical Inpatient Unit at our Hospital.

It’s National Nursing Week and Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre is highlighting a few of our nurses and their achievements. Meet Meghan Hill, a Registered Nurse (RN) and Patient Care Manager on the 2B Medical Inpatient Unit at our Hospital.

Meghan Hill started her career 15 years ago as a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  During that time, she realized her passion for high-quality nursing care, leadership, and education.  As an ICU nurse, she provided life-saving interventions for the sickest and most critical patients of all ages. Meghan was a member of the Medical Emergency Team (MET) as well as the Regional Critical Care Response (RCCR) team for several years, providing outreach education and clinical support to TBHRSC’s inpatient hospital units as well as to the small rural and remote hospitals and Indigenous communities.

In September, 2021, Meghan transitioned into a new position as the Regional Paediatric, Neonatal and Infant Transport Lead at TBRHSC. She has had the autonomy to develop this role using her experience to support, collaborate and implement innovative strategies to improve access to paediatric care across the North. Meghan participates as a member of various committees, continually advocating for the North by identifying barriers to accessible paediatric care, resources and education. Part of this role involves collaborating with the Clinical Nurse Specialists, Paediatricians, NOSMU Residents, RCCR Outreach, as well as the Simulation Technologist to develop and provide accessible paediatric educational opportunities and resources. Meghan also continues to educate staff as an instructor for various paediatric specialty courses.

A point of pride for Meghan was the implementation of the Regional Paediatric Response (RPR) program, which launched in December 2022. This is a virtual platform for small and rural hospitals to access expert advice and real time virtual assessments from the TBRHSC Paediatrician as well as ongoing clinical nursing support for the region. She has also been working closely with TBHRSC’s tertiary hospital, London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), to provide paediatric critical care consultations to paediatric patients admitted to our Hospital’s adult ICU using the RPR platform.

A new and exciting project is the development and implementation of a Neonatal and Infant Transport Team based out of Thunder Bay. Combing both leadership and critical thinking skills, Meghan collaborates with key external partners such as ORNGE, and tertiary centres such as LHSC and Sick Kids, to develop a team that aims to provide timely access to transport for critically ill children in the North.

Meghan recently accepted the position of Patient Care Manager – 2B Medical Inpatient Unit.

“I am grateful to work in a capacity where I know that my contributions allow for improved care for paediatric patients throughout our region,” Hill says. “I have been given so many great opportunities to apply my knowledge and expertise beyond bedside nursing.”