Meet HELP Program Volunteer – Jordan-Rae Jardine

Jordan-Rae Jardine

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (our Hospital) is proud to highlight Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) Volunteer – Jordan-Rae Jardine. During the two years that Jordan has been volunteering with the HELP Program, she has been instrumental in providing exceptional care and companionship to hospitalized older adults. The grade 12 student at St Ignatius high school will be attending Confederation College in the fall for the MRT course. Jordan’s interest in the medical field led her to volunteering at our Hospital for the amazing experience and to assist her in getting more involved with her community.

Jordan was drawn to the HELP Program based on her own relationships that she’s built with her grandparents. Each time Jordan visits with a HELP Patient she feels like she is able to take something positive away from the experience. The most rewarding part of being a HELP Volunteer for Jordan is the feeling of being able to contribute to the care of hospitalized older adults. “Sometimes during a shift you are with a patient for an hour or more. You end up building a friendship with them that is beyond words and it is amazing knowing that you made someone’s day by just saying hi and that you can take away a friendship in return.” Thank you Jordan for your exceptional contribution to our Hospital!

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a volunteer at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, please visit our website here or call 684-6267.