Mandatory Vaccine Policy Agreement: North West Region Hospitals

As a group of leaders across Northwestern Ontario, we take our responsibilities to ensure the safety and protection of our health care workers, patients and their families most seriously. In addition, we believe it is our collective responsibility to provide the highest standard of care while preserving and maintaining access to critical health services across our communities.

As such, given our commitment to quality and our duty to protect those that are most vulnerable, we are proud to support a region-wide move to mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies across all hospital and health care sites at our respective organizations. This change aligns the hospital/health care sites with long-term care homes where staff COVID-19 vaccinations are provincially mandated.

All hospitals in Northwestern Ontario have now implemented mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies, beginning with the primary series of the vaccines.

North West Region Hospital Chief Executive Officers

Jorge VanSlyke, CEO
Atikokan General Hospital

Sue LeBeau, CEO
Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital

Doreen Armstrong-Ross, CEO
Dryden Regional Health Centre

Henry Gauthier, CEO
Riverside Health Care Facilities

Darryl Galusha, CEO
Geraldton District Hospital

Debbie Hardy, CEO
Santé Manitouwadge Health

Ray Racette, CEO
Lake of the Woods District Hospital

Heather Lee, CEO
Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre

Cathy Eady, CEO
Nipigon District Memorial Hospital

Dr. Rhonda Crocker Ellacott, CEO
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

Adam Brown, CEO
North of Superior Healthcare Group

Kelli O’Brien, CEO
St. Joseph’s Care Group