Hospital’s Volunteer Association Provides Funding for New Patient Lift

(From left to right): Alyssa Iwanonkiw, RN, Chris McNaughton, Manager 1A Oncology, Cathy Britt, President of the Volunteer Association and Mary Anne Fossum, Secretary, Volunteer Association stand next to the new patient lift in 1A.

The Volunteer Association to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (the Hospital) made a generous donation that will help improve the quality of care for patients in Northwestern Ontario.

The donation supported the purchase of a new patient lift that assists nurses who provide care for patients with mobility issues during their stay at the Hospital. The patient lift is designed to raise or lower patients from their beds to and from either a wheelchair or a stationary chair.

In addition to helping the nurses to assist their patients in a safer manner, the patient lift has other benefits. The lift allows the patient to be more mobile. This means they are not confined to a bed during their stay, which also improves their overall mental well-being.

“A new lift was needed because our old lift required maintenance on a frequent basis, and eventually we were no longer able to get parts to repair it”, said Chris McNaughton, Manager in 1A Oncology. “The timing of this donation couldn’t of have been better. It’s another great example of how important the Volunteer Association is to the Hospital and our patients, both in terms of their many donations and all of the work they do on a daily basis.”

The Volunteer Association to Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre raises funds through Season’s Gift Shop and numerous other fundraising activities in order to purchase equipment that enhances care and experiences for patients and their families.

“Our volunteers selflessly donate their time for the benefit of our Hospital and its patients and families,” said Cathy Britt, President of the Volunteer Association. “We’re proud to support patient care in any way we can, and we’re happy to know that this donation is funding a piece of equipment that helps health care providers and patients on a daily basis.”

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