Heart Failure Awareness Week Staff Spotlight: Jean Hamilton

Jean Hamilton is a Booking Clerk who provides support for our Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Telehomecare Program.

It’s Heart Failure Awareness Week, and we’re highlighting staff at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre who play a vital role in caring for patients who are living with heart failure. Today, we’re sharing some Q&A with Jean Hamilton, a Booking Clerk who provides support for our Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Telehomecare Program.

What does it take to be a Clerk in the CHF Telehomecare Program?

You have to be polite and courteous to all patients, in person and on the telephone. Our patients are wonderful to talk with as they are always appreciative to have the appointment and receive the call from me.

What is unique about your role?

I have to balance the needs of the patients we serve and be able to arrange an appointment for them in a timely manner. Being highly organized is an essential part of this role.

What inspired you to work in the CHP Telehomecare Program? 

The opportunity to help patients get access to the care they require.

How does your role impact patient care?

I make sure all proper information is given to the patient on the phone and also in an appointment letter. It is important to the patient to have all the information they require such as appointment time, location and who will be seeing them.

On the concept of practice what you preach, do you have any personal tips on how to stay heart healthy?

I stay heart healthy by walking on my treadmill at home and by taking my dog for walks. I also enjoy gardening and doing yard work, which keeps me moving. One of my passions is cooking, especially when it comes to experimenting with healthy recipes. I enjoy hosting gatherings with people and look forward to the day that I can do that again. Until then, my husband is the taste tester of all of my healthy recipes.

Any final thoughts?

I feel that during this pandemic, I provide a kind voice to the patients and normalize the things they stress about. I reassure them that we will get through this in time and that they are doing well by taking care of their own heart.