Health Research Institute Unveils Refined Strategic Plan

The Strategic Directions (Healthier, Wealthier, Smarter) will guide the Health Research Institute’s Mission, to be an international leader in health technology research, and other strategic health innovation that improves the health of the people of Northwestern Ontario and others.

The Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute has unveiled a refined version of its 2020 Strategic Plan that will guide patient-centred research at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (the Hospital) for the next three years.

The revised 2020 Strategic Plan was led by Vice President of Research and Chief Scientist, Dr. Abraham (Rami) Rudnick. His recommendations for a more focused approach resulted in a plan that clearly aligns the priorities of the Health Research Institute with those of the Hospital and with provincial and national research priorities and addresses needs of Northwestern Ontario’s population and others.

In order to accomplish this, a broad engagement schedule was undertaken earlier this spring to gather feedback from Indigenous leaders, Patient and Family Advisors, Scientists and other Researchers, volunteers and leaders in health care.

Several revisions to the original plan were identified, including the broadening of the mission statement from medical technology to health technology, the reduction and re-ordering of the strategic goals, and validating Indigenous research as a priority focus.

“Dr. Rudnick’s focus on Indigenous health challenges, belief in aligning scientific and clinical priorities, and his ability to engage stakeholders in the Hospital, the Health Research Institute, as well as at every level of government are exactly the qualities we need moving forward”, said Jean Bartkowiak, President & CEO of the Hospital and CEO of the Health Research Institute. “Already, his experience with Indigenous health and distance health are having an impact on the way we conduct research and deliver health care.”

By design, the Health Research Institute’s Strategic Plan also serves as the principal research plan for the Hospital. It highlights three major directions:

Healthier: Enhance research to improve the health outcomes of the people of Northwestern Ontario and beyond.

Wealthier: Enhance philanthropic and other support and generate revenue through science and partnerships.

Smarter: Enhance the academic environment.

These directions will address the Health Research Institute’s vision: bringing discovery to life.

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