Get to Know: Giselle Boily, Drug Access Navigator

Giselle Boily, Drug Access Navigator

Work history at Regional Cancer Care:

I have been at the Regional Cancer Centre for 1 year as of July 27, 2016. I was a Pharmacy Assistant for 5 years prior to working at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. I grew up in Wawa, Ontario and moved to Thunder Bay to study Sociology at Lakehead University approximately 4 years ago.

What inspires you to work in cancer care?

The Drug Access Navigator position is incredibly inspiring, working as part of a dedicated and determined Cancer Care team. Team effort encourages me to deliver my best work for patients and for fellow workers. It is inspiring to work at the Regional Cancer Centre because everyone has the same end-goal, to deliver an exceptional quality of care for patients, which transcends to the people we are serving. It is so important to help patients access costly medications, as this process can be overwhelming and confusing. I am grateful to be able to assist patients in this way.

How do you deliver care that is patient-and family-centred?

My job involves easing financial burden and addressing drug access concerns for patients. Every day I have the opportunity to help patients navigate the complex system of accessing cancer medications. We take a step-by-step approach so as not to overwhelm people with too much information. Follow-up is also important, working together with each patient, we review their needs and put a plan in place that is workable.