Genetic Counsellor Awareness Day (November 12)

(L-R): The Genetics Program team. Yolanda, Janice, Leanne, Cathy, Crystal, Tarja and Julia.

On November 12th, Canada celebrates Genetic Counsellor Awareness Day. This day provides an opportunity for us to recognize and celebrate the hardworking Genetics Program team at our Hospital.

When patients are referred to our Genetic Clinic, patients will see either a Genetic Counsellor, Genetics Nurse or a Geneticist based on their referral. Genetic Counsellors are health care providers with specialized training and experience in the areas of medical genetics and counselling. A Genetics Nurse has a nursing background with extra training in genetics. Geneticists are medical doctors who have special training in the area of genetic conditions. Together, they can provide information about genetic conditions and explain how they are passed from one generation to another.

The Genetics Program has been located at our Hospital since 2016. It offers a variety of services, including: assessment and diagnosis of genetic conditions, medical information about genetic conditions, discussion about chances of passing on conditions, information about the management and prevention of inherited conditions and services that arrange and interpret laboratory test results.

Join us in showing our appreciation and thanking our Genetics Program for their contributions!

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