Breast Cancer Pillow Donation

Breast cancer pillow donation
Jordan and Nathan Malench present the completed pillows to Karen Roberts, Manager, Clinic Operations, Nursing, Systemic Therapy, Palliative and Supportive Care at our Hospital.

As part of their Confirmation class project at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, brothers Jordan and Nathan Malench were asked to provide a helpful service to the community.

After some discussions with their family, they decided to use the funds provided by their rector, the Venerable Deborah Kraft along with their own contributions, to make pillows that patients can use after breast cancer surgery. These pillows are often difficult to find in Thunder Bay and are designed to provide patients with physical comfort after surgery. Shaped like a heart, the pillows fit nicely under the armpit to prevent chafing.

The project ended up being a family affair. Jordan and Nathan’s Dad cut out the pattern, their Mom sewed the pillows, and the brothers were in charge of the stuffing. In total, they made 30 pillows, and packaged each one in a labeled resealable plastic bag to ensure that they would stay clean. Jordan and Nathan have generously donated these pillows to the Hospital’s Regional Cancer Care Northwest program, the Tbaytel Tamarack House, and the Canadian Cancer Society.