Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre – a community with PRIDE!

Pride Flag Image
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre raised the official Pride flag on Monday, June 12th in honour of Pride week.

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre has been a leader in providing quality and innovative health care to the communities of Thunder Bay and surrounding regions.

The term "quality care" means different things to different people, but should encompass all aspects of an individual’s health. Physical, mental and spiritual, and emotional are vital components of our health care system.

A recent addition to the quality health care services one can expect from our Hospital is a committee dedicated to the health and well being of the LGBTQ2S (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender/transexual, Queer, 2-spirited) community. The pride Committee came together just over a year ago in order to address the need for education and resources for hospital employees and patients.

The pride Committee hopes to address the questions and concerns of staff, patients, family, and support persons about how to provide and receive care that would encompass “the whole person”, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

“I’m really happy to hear that the hospital has a committee that cares about my issues and concerns as a transgender person,” said a former patient.

Our Hospital is committed to providing total health care that is non-judgmental and respectful in every way possible. The Pride Committee is available as a resource for all patients and their families as well as staff requiring education about the LGBTQ2S community and related concerns. “We’ve been working hard to provide information and resources to those who need it,” said Saira VanderWees, RN and Chair of the Pride Committee. “Quality health care without discrimination should not be a privilege, but an expectation.”

For more information about the Hospital’s Pride committee, please contact