Frequently Asked Questions

Who can visit the Coach?

Anyone who is eligible for breast, cervical or colon cancer screening can visit the Coach.


Can I be screened for more than one type of cancer at my appointment?

Yes. If you are eligible, you may be screened for breast, cervical, and/or colon cancer during the same appointment.


Can I make an appointment if I don’t have a primary care provider?

Yes. You do not need to have a primary care provider to book an appointment on the Coach. No referral is needed.


Does the Coach accept walk-on appointments?

We will always do our best to accommodate walk-ons. However, booking an appointment in advance is highly recommended. To book, call (807) 684-7777.


What can I expect when I visit the Coach?

The Coach is clean and safe environment equipped with friendly and approachable staff who do their best to ensure the process is as comfortable and efficient as possible. Screening appointments typically take approximately 20 minutes to complete.


Is the Coach accessible?

Yes. The Coach is wheelchair accessible.


Is there a washroom on the Screen for Life Coach?

No. There is no washroom on the Coach. Please remember to use the washroom prior to your appointment.


How will I receive my results?

You will receive a letter stating that your results are normal. Your primary care provider will also get a copy of your results. If follow-up is required, you will be notified.


Do I need a health card?

Yes. You will need your health card to book your appointment and upon arrival to the Coach.


How will I know when to book my next appointment?

You will receive a reminder letter in the mail when you are due to book again.