At Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (the Hospital), onsite parking will be made available in an equitable way to all users of the Hospital. In keeping with Patient and Family Centred Care, parking has been allocated to ensure that patients, families and visitors have convenient and timely access to the Hospital.

Parking Lot Access

Patients, families and visitors will have access to the following Lots (please see attached map for locations): Eagle, Fish, Bear, Moose, Squirrel, Coyote, Deer, and Turtle.

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Metered parking spots are located outside of the Renal Department at the front entrance of the facility and outside the Emergency Department main entrance.

Parking Rates and Passes

Up to one hour: $2
Up to two hours: $4
Up to four hours: $5
Over four hours until midnight, same day (daily maximum): $7

After midnight, the parking rate will restart.

Patients, families and visitors frequently attending the Hospital will be able to purchase daily, weekly or monthly access passes based on approved rates.

Daily, weekly or 12 exit passes must be purchased at the pay station.

For monthly passes, the patient/visitor will pay for the pass at the Cashier located in the Patient Billing Office and bring the receipt to Security who will provide the pass. These passes can only be purchased during regular business hours.

Please Note: Lot A-3, the small lot next to the Medical Building and across from the Cancer Centre is a “Pay & Display” parking lot.

Parking Payment Process

When parking in Eagle, Fish, Bear, Moose, Squirrel, Coyote, Deer, and Turtle lots the following process applies:

  1. Pull up to the parking gate and take an entry ticket.
  2. Park your car and keep your entry ticket with you.
  3. Before returning to your car, go to the Pay Station and scan your entry ticket.
  4. Pay fee indicated and retain your validated ticket.
  5. Return to your car without delay. There is a 15 minute time period to exit the lot.
  6. At exit gate, insert validated ticket to raise the gate and exit parking.

When parking in Lot Fish lot the following process applies:

  1. Park in a designated spot.
  2. Go to the “Pay and Display” station. Follow the instructions.
  3. Place the ticket on our dash board on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Pay stations are located in the following areas:

  1. Emergency Department Waiting Room
  2. Main Lobby beside Patient Billing (2 stations)
  3. Lobby of the Medical Centre at 980 Oliver Road
  4. Lobby of the Health Services Centre Building at 1040 Oliver Road

Patient Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop Off:

  1. Pull into the “Assisted Pick Up/Drop Off Lane” at the front entrance.
  2. Escort patient to benches at the main entrance or to the appropriate waiting room. Please note that there is a 10 minute maximum to leave a vehicle at the front entrance.
  3. Move vehicle to one of the visitor parking lots if a longer stay is required.

Pick Up:

  1. If you are required to meet a patient on a unit or in a clinical department, park vehicle in one of the visitor parking lots.
  2. Bring patient to benches at the front entrance or nursing staff/volunteers will bring the patient down to meet you.
  3. Retrieve vehicle and pull into the “Assisted Pick Up/Drop Off Lane”.
  4. Escort patient to vehicle.

What is Parking Revenue used for?

The costs associated with parking lots are not covered by government funding. The Hospital uses parking fees collected to cover the cost of providing, maintaining and administering the parking facilities (such as lighting, asphalt and equipment maintenance, line painting and snow removal) and to support operational costs related to patient care.

Reduction of Parking Fees Due to Financial Hardship

In cases where patients are required to attend the Hospital on a regular recurring basis and the payment of fees will result in financial hardship, the patient may apply for a discounted parking rate. Please contact Patient Billing to complete a Request for Parking Fee Reduction form.

Accessible Parking

The Hospital is committed to ensuring appropriate and adequate access is provided to persons with disabilities. Lots A1, A3, B1, C1, C2, D and I have designated accessible spaces.

Parking in accessible spaces will be strictly enforced. All vehicles parking in these spaces must display a valid Ontario Ministry of Transportation specific permit that is visible at all times while the vehicle is parked on site.


All lots are monitored by security cameras 24 hours per day and are patrolled by Security on a periodic basis. The Hospital takes all precautions to provide a safe environment, including full lighting to the parking lots, access walkways and well marked Emergency Help buttons throughout the site. Should you encounter difficulties entering or exiting a parking lot, you have access to an intercom at all terminals, which will connect you to Security for assistance.

Regulation and Enforcement

Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas will be ticketed and/or towed at the discretion of the Manager, Security & Parking. Parking of vehicles is only allowed in lots and designated spaces only. Vehicles will not be allowed to park along the roadways on the property.

All disputed parking tickets will be reviewed by the Manager, Security and Parking. The Manager will consult with other levels of management as required.