Welcome to Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre!

We look forward to having you here during your clinical or non-clinical placement. This website will help you navigate our requirements for placement, give you access to required forms and provide information you will need before starting your placement. To begin the onboarding process, please select the most appropriate learner category:


Please review TBRHSC Orientation Handbook to learn more about our organization and prepare yourself for a great learning experience with us.

We Want to Hear From You

We want our learners to have the best experience possible and invite you to send us your ideas, compliments or concerns.  Send us feedback via our survey, email, or in person. You can email: Karen Anderson, Manager, Academic Affairs or  Jane Varley, Academic Advisor. Survey Links:

ID Badge and Parking

Academic Affairs supplies most learners with an ID card on the following lanyards:
  • Green - Residents and Fellows
  • Red - Medical Students
  • Orange - Physician Assistant, Midwifery and all other learners
Parking can be purchase from our Patient Billings department located on the first floor across from the Information Desk. Hours are 7:30 am - 8:30 pm Monday to Friday and 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday. Monthly parking is $34 for students and daily parking is $7. Security staff will provide parking lot assignment for all learners.

Lockers and Scrubs

Locker rooms are located on the 1st floor in rooms 1551 and 1558.  Academic Affairs will provide lockers as requested or required. Learner scrubs are stamped with “NOSM/TBRHSC” and available in the NOSM Locker Rooms.  If none are available in your size, please contact Academic Affairs.

Needlestick Exposure

Should you have an exposure, remove yourself from the clinical area as soon as it’s safe to do so.  Seek medical attention as soon as possible and present to the appropriate clinical area for testing and possible prophylaxis.  Report and document occurrence using the Occupational Health and Safety Blood Borne Pathogen/Needlestick Exposure Information Package found on clinical units. Follow post-occurrence testing and treatment protocol.

Learner's Lounge

Our Learner's Lounge is located on the 3rd floor in room 3340.

Come Work With Us

We look forward to having you as a colleague soon, should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at TBRHSC.MedicalAffairs@tbh.net.

Frequently Called Numbers

  • Karen Anderson, Manager Academic Affairs - (807) 684-6416
  • Jane Varley, Academic Advisor - (807) 684-6025
  • Switchboard - (807) 684-6000
  • Security - (807) 684-6509
  • Occupational Health and Safety - (807) 684-6240
  • Thunder Bay Answering Service - (807) 623-7451