Remembering Dr. Bob; A Pillar in the Medical Community

David and Hunter MacKenzie proudly stand next to the plaque that was recently mounted outside the CT Control Room in Diagnostic Imaging. Their father/grandfather, Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ MacKenzie made a gift in his Will to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation as a way to say thanks to the medical community that was so much a part of his life.

Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ MacKenzie always had a very strong connection to Thunder Bay’s medical community. Serving Thunder Bay at both St. Joseph’s Hospital and McKellar Hospital where he was the Head of Radiology, Dr. Bob was known to many through his medical practice and as a mentor to many young up-and-coming physicians.

Prior to his passing in 2015, Dr. Bob made the decision in his Will to leave a gift to the General Healthcare Fund of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation. His son David said, “Dad had a great connection with so many people at the hospital and this community gave so much to him. This is his way of giving back.”

Born in Regina, Dr. Bob moved to Thunder Bay with his wife Salle in 1957, after graduating from the University of Toronto. They initially settled in Port Arthur, but, upon becoming Head of Radiology at McKellar Hospital, David recalled, “We had to pack up and move to Fort William!”

It was at McKellar that Dr. Bob became firmly entrenched in Thunder Bay’s medical community. He served as Chief of Staff there several times prior to his retirement. Additionally he spent time teaching the radiological technicians’ course at Confederation College and served on the College’s Board of Governors between 1979 and 1985; even serving as Chairman from 1982 to 1985.

When he wasn’t working, he thoroughly enjoyed spending time outside; frequently at the family’s camp at Silver Islet. He also very much enjoyed the company of his family, and especially his grandchildren – Hunter, Rhiannon, Sara, Megan, Ian, Rebecca and Samantha.

Recently, David and Hunter visited the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre to mount a plaque recognizing Dr. Bob’s significant gift. Proudly displayed in the CT Control Room in Diagnostic Imaging, the plaque represents a wonderful way to remember the man they hold dear to their hearts. David said, “It’s very gratifying to see how my Dad is remembered – so many people recall spending time with him and he still lives on in this way even though he’s gone.”

Concluded David, “I’m proud that my father chose to make a gift in his Will. I think that if people have the means and have a cause that they feel close to then it should be done. It means that the needs of our community are taken care of, and I know that he knew this when he decided to make his gift. It’s something our entire family can stand behind.”