Services and Roles

Secondary Stroke Prevention Clinic

Upon referral, patients who experience a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or who have had a stroke see a neurologist, nurse practitioner and dietitian. This program addresses stroke prevention in a coordinated and interprofessional manner based on best practices and also educates patients regarding lifestyle changes to modify risk factors for stroke.


Facilitates and coordinates the necessary diagnostics, investigations, medical management and pharmacological therapy.

Nurse Practitioner

Provides assessment of patients for stroke risk as well as educates, implements and monitors primary and secondary prevention strategies. Within the scope of practice, the nurse practitioner initiates and manages the care of clients with chronic stable illness by providing effective pharmacological, complementary or counseling interventions. Provides support, coaching and education to nurses in Community Stroke Prevention Clinics.


Provides a nutrition assessment and appropriate intervention which may include education on nutrition for secondary stroke prevention.

Community Stroke Prevention Clinics

Patients with stroke and TIA are seen to monitor risk factors and assist with strategies to prevent reoccurrence.

Registered Nurse Lake of the Woods District Hospital Kenora, ON
Registered Nurse LaVerendrye Hospital, Fort Frances, ON
Registered Nurse Meno Ya Win Health Centre, Sioux Lookout, ON
Registered Nurse Wilson Memorial General Hospital, Marathon, ON

Northwestern Ontario Telestroke Sites

Telestroke is a provincial emergency telemedicine application that provides emergency physicians with immediate access to neurologists with expertise in stroke care who can support both the assessment and treatment of patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke symptoms. Through the Ontario Telestroke Program patients are able to access the benefit of treatment with thrombolysis, or tPA, a best practice standard of care for acute ischemic stroke.

  • Dryden Regional Health Centre, Dryden, ON
  • Lake of the Woods District Hospital Kenora, ON
  • LaVerendrye Hospital, Fort Frances, ON
  • •Meno Ya Win Health Centre, Sioux Lookout, ON

Regional Stroke Network Team

As part of the overall Ontario Stroke System, the Network has dedicated staff whose roles are regional and focused.

Regional Director

Plans, implements and evaluates all operations of the Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network. Responsible for coordinating a system of stroke care that is evidence-based, integrated, comprehensive, and covers the full continuum of care.

Medical Lead

Works in partnership with the Regional Director to lead the Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network. Provides medical leadership to ensure high standards of care for people with stroke.

Regional Stroke Educator

Co-ordinates and facilitate learning opportunities related to stroke care throughout the continuum of stroke care from prevention, acute care, rehabilitation to community reengagement including long-term care.

Regional Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist

Promotes and supports stroke best practices across the rehabilitation continuum. Collaborates with rehabilitation providers, facilities and agencies across the region to address rehabilitation needs.

Stroke Community Engagement Specialist

Promotes and supports primary stroke prevention, system optimization, best practices and stroke survivor re-integration within Northwestern Ontario. Collaborates with health care providers, care facilities and organizations across the region including Primary Care, EMS, LTC and Community.