Regional Stroke Unit

A stroke unit is a specialized unit dedicated to the care of persons with stroke and staffed by an experienced, interprofessional stroke team. The unit has designated stroke unit beds that are co-located and in physical proximity to each other. These beds are used to provide care for stroke patients most of the time.

Personal Items you may Need

  • List of your home medication(s)
  • CPAP machine (if using at home)
  • Walker/wheeler chair (if using at home)
  • Eye glasses/hearing aids with their containers
  • Housecoat, slip resistant slippers, comfortable walking shoes
  • Tooth brush/tooth paste/denture care
  • Hair brush/comb, shaving products
  • Comfortable clothing for therapy and discharge home
Valuables such as jewellery, credit cards and money should be sent home whenever possible or stored for safekeeping in the Financial Services Business office. You may want to have a small amount of money for purchases from Season’s Gift Shop.
Please be aware that TBRHSC cannot assume responsibility for patient possessions including hearing aids, eye glasses and dentures.

Regional Stroke Unit

The Regional Stroke Unit (RSU) located at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre on 2C is a specialized unit dedicated to the management of stroke patient and staffed by an experienced interdisciplinary stroke team.

How to Spot a Stroke

Spot a Stroke F.A.S.T.

It could save a life, possibly yours. These simple letters can help you recognize the SUDDEN signs of a stroke and get help right away.