Community Resources

Cancer impacts your life in many ways besides just your health. You may need help with finances, translation and interpretation, and day-to-day support during your cancer journey. Below are some of the programs and services that may be able to help, including:

  • Personal Finances
  • Government Programs
  • Community and Home Services
  • Translation and Interpretation Services

    If you require help connecting with any of these or other community resources, please call Supportive Care and ask to speak with one of our social workers. You can phone directly at (807) 684-7310 or toll-free at 1-877-696-7223 ext. 7310.

    Personal Finances

    You may need to take time off work when you are ill. It is important to find out what types of benefits you may have. Applying and being approved for benefits can take time so we encourage you to review this right away. Check with your employer to determine if you have sickness or disability benefits and ask them how you can apply for these benefits.

    Cancer and Work
    The Cancer and Work website was designed to address the unique needs of cancer survivors with returning, remaining, changing work or looking for work after a diagnosis of cancer. The website provides newly created information, resources, and interactive tools for cancer survivors, health care providers and employers.

    Government Programs

    You may be eligible to apply for financial support through one of these government programs that support illness and disability.

    Service Canada

    Offers a variety of benefits and plans to eligible people such as:

    • Employment Insurance (EI) and Sickness Benefits
    • Compassionate Care Benefits
    • Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
    • Disability Application (CPP-D) and Disability-Terminal Illness Application

    Ontario Works
    Municipal program offered through your local Social Services

    Ontario Disability Support Program
    Provincial program offered through the Ministry of Community and Social Services

    Ontario Drug Benefits Program (ODB)
    Drug programs including Trillium Drug Program, through Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

    First Nations and Inuit Health: Non-Insured Health Benefits
    The Non-Insured Health Benefits Program is Health Canada's national, medically necessary health benefit program that provides coverage for a specified range of drugs, dental care, vision care, medical supplies and equipment, mental health counselling and medical transportation for eligible First Nations people and Inuit.

    If you require health-related services, please contact your local Health Centre or Band Office, or phone Health Canada’s First Nations and Inuit Health, General Enquires Information Line at 1-800-640-0642.

    Community and Home Services

    You and your family may need assistance in your home to manage health issues. Speak to a member of your health care team for more information about community programs.

    Canadian Cancer Society
    Provides educational materials for cancer patients/families as well as information about support services including peer support and transportation services.

    If you are living with cancer or are the family member of someone living with cancer, please phone: 1-888-939-3333 (provincially), or locally, call:

    Northwest Region and Thunder Bay Offices
    1093 Barton St. Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7B-5N3
    Phone: (807) 344-5433 or toll-free: 1-800-227-5557

    Health and Community Care: North West Local Health Integration Network
    Serving Northwestern Ontario and covering the Districts of Thunder Bay, Rainy River Districts, and Kenora. Offers a wide range of health care services and resources to support patients at home.

    General enquires and to request services: toll-free at 310-2222 – no area code is required
    In Thunder Bay, please phone directly at: (807) 345-7339

    Translation and Interpretation Services

    If you require help connecting with translation and interpretive services, ask any member of your health care team. You may also phone Supportive Care and ask to speak with one of our social workers at (807) 684-7310 or toll free 1-877-696-7223 ext 7310.

    Thunder Bay Multicultural Association

    Provides interpreters and translators for multilingual requests including health care, social services, legal issues, counselling and other services. Phone: (807) 345-0551 or toll-free 1-866-831-1144.

    L’ Accueil Francophone de Thunder Bay
    Offers interpretation services between French-speaking clients and health care professionals in a confidential and professional manner. Phone: (807) 684-1940.

    Ontario Interpreting Services
    Book an American Sign Language (ASL), Langues de Signes Quebecois (LSQ) interpreter by contacting Ontario Interpreting Services. Phone: 1-855-656-3748, TTY: 1-877-843-0368, Skype: callous.chs, fax 1-855-656-3750 or email
    Emergency Interpreting Services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Phone: 1-866-256-5142, TTY: 1-866-831-4657, email: or SMS/Text: 1-905-971-0564 (charge may apply).