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March is Nutrition Month and this year’s campaign is focused on the challenges women face with healthy living.


Challenge #5: Maintaining a healthy weight.


*[Image Goes Here]*     One of the biggest challenges women face is maintaining a healthy body weight and body image. Menarche, pregnancy, menopause and aging contribute to weight gain and increased fat storage in women. Being overweight increases the risk of developing several life-threatening diseases. At the same time women face huge social pressures to maintain lean bodies like those promoted in the media. Many women strive unsuccessfully to lose weight often using dangerous methods to do so. It is important that women identify if they are a healthy body weight and if not, take healthy steps to correct any weight problems.


Solution: Know what a healthy weight is by checking the “healthy body quiz” at If you need to lose weight know that diets don’t work. In most cases, weight is lost initially but regained along with a few extra pounds. Dieting often promotes feelings of failure, depression and lowered self-esteem. Successful strategies for achieving a healthy weight include adopting life-long healthy lifestyle habits such as:




Challenge: Finding time to eat well on the run.


Solution: Stock up on some tasty foods that are easy to grab on the go such as raw fruit and vegetables, yogurt, milk, cheese, whole grain muffins or crackers, and bite-sized cereals. Take along a travel mug or thermos of soup.



Challenge: Finding the time to be active for 60 minutes per day.


Solution: Spread physical activity throughout your daily routine. Get started by:  *[Image Goes Here]*


Information adapted from the Dietitians of Canada 2003 Nutrition Month Campaign. Visit the Dietitians of Canada website or for recipe ideas, nutrition tips, fact sheets, and healthy eating solutions.


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