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*[Image Goes Here]*     Many people in Thunder Bay are health conscious consumers. If you have been diagnosed with a disease that requires changes in your diet or if you are looking to prevent disease, you need to be educated about what food to buy.


People who have been diagnosed with diet related diseases such as Heart Disease or Diabetes are usually educated about their diet by a registered dietitian. They may receive good advice along with written literature for when they get home but it’s applying this education to practical everyday life that is challenging.


One challenge is trying to figure out what food product in the grocery store is the best one to buy. Do you buy the ground turkey or the lean ground beef? A bag of chips say they are cholesterol free on the package, does that mean they won’t raise your cholesterol? Should you choose the bran cereal or the wheat bran cereal? Et cetera. Often people have said to me they wished I could shop with them.


The Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists at the Thunder Bay District Health Unit in collaboration with the Heart & Stroke Foundation have come up with a solution to this problem. They offer grocery store tours with a Dietitian for free! On the first Tuesday of every month a Dietitian will tour a group around a grocery store to learn and take home resources about:



These tours are not just for people with a diagnosed disease and are not limited to only the above nutrition topics. Anybody who wants to learn more about healthy eating can register. In addition, the Dietitians will do their best to organize groups of people with similar diet interests into one tour. For example, a tour focusing on vegetarianism could be organized if there were several registrants interested in this topic.


Grocery store tours are a great resource available to the community of Thunder Bay and a valuable time investment. I encourage anyone who struggles with making healthy food choices to register. The tours are usually offered Tuesday evening and last 1-2 hours.

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To register call the Heart and Stroke Foundation at 623-1118.


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