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*[Image Goes Here]*         Many people turn to the internet for nutrition information. Whether looking for weight loss diets or allergy information, it is important that the information they find is accurate, up-to-date and reliable.


Searching the web for information can be overwhelming and confusing. There is a huge volume of information out there. A recent study showed that 60% of nutrition information on the Internet was inaccurate or outdated. The worst part is that consumers are quick to believe this information to be true. The study also showed that less than 10% of these nutrition sites mention their credentials or their organization. No wonder consumers are confused about nutrition.


A careful review of the nutrition websites you are visiting can help sort out the sound scientific nutrition information from the baloney. Keep in mind the following tips when surfing the net:


  1. Be critical of what you read. Some web sites use testimonials rather than research on nutrition to prove their diet claims. Look for information based on many research studies and reviews by other scientists.
  2. Look at the source of information. A professional medical organization or government agency is more likely to be reliable than an unknown person or group.
  3. Be wary if a web page makes far-fetched claims about food and nutrition. If a claim sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  4. Ensure the information presented is not biased. Be wary of a site that is trying to sell you something. Ensure that any supplements or products being sold are backed by sound nutrition research.
  5. If the web page mentions a specific health condition – search the internet for a reputable health professional organization or foundation devoted to the disease. For example, the Canadian Diabetes Association or the Allergy/Asthma Information Association.
  6. Consider all sides of the nutrition concern by calling or emailing the appropriate health professional organizations to ask questions.
  7. Refer to Tufts University Nutrition Navigator the first online rating guide that helps users find trustworthy information. Nutrition websites are reviewed by Tufts nutritionists using rating criteria developed by a panel of leading nutrition experts in the U.S. and Canada.


Searching for Nutrition on the Web – here’s where to start:


Thunder Bay District Health


Dietitians of Canada web site where you can contact a dietitian or find out more about various nutrition topics including links to other sites –
Health Canada’s web site gives you information on public nutrition policy, labeling laws, Canada’s Food Guide and offers a variety of downloadable nutrition resources –


National Institute of Nutrition provides credible, scientific research based information on key food and nutrition issues –


The Food Allergy Network provides up-to-date information on food labeling and product alerts –


Information adapted from the Thunder Bay District Health Unit “Healthy Eating” newsletter.


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