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March is Nutrition Month and this year’s campaign is focused on the challenges women face with healthy living. The greatest challenge facing women who want to eat well is time. Juggling a career while being responsible for most of the meal planning, shopping, preparation and cleanup, is particularly challenging.


Challenge: No time to prepare a healthy meal

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Solution: Planning and shopping ahead may seem like a time-consuming effort initially but over the long run can help save time and money, reduce stress, and improve nutrient intakes.



Challenge: Conflicting schedules leave no time to enjoy meals together as a family


Solution: Studies show that eating family meals together is associated with healthy eating patterns. Eating together also helps develop healthy food habits in children particularly when parents are good role models. While it’s hard to make family meals happen all the time – the ideas below will help your family eat well together as often as possible.



Information adapted from the Dietitians of Canada 2003 Nutrition Month Campaign. Visit the Dietitians of Canada website or for recipe ideas, nutrition tips, fact sheets, and healthy eating solutions.


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