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*[Image Goes Here]*          Have you noticed Eat Smart! decals on some Thunder Bay and area restaurant doors? Do you know what restaurants actually have to do in order to qualify for the award?


To help get the answers I went to the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and spoke with the Public Health Dietitian and chair of the Eat Smart! Committee, Jennifer Bowen. Jennifer provided me with this overview of the program:


Eat Smart! was initiated in 2000 as Ontario’s Healthy Restaurant Program and has since expanded to include a school and workplace cafeteria program. Establishments need to meet standards in the areas of food safety, healthy menu choices, as well as a minimum amount of smoke free seating. Restaurants must have a track record of safe food handling with staff certified by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. As well, as of September 1st, 2003 the smoke free seating criteria will increase from a minimum of 50% to 100%. The nutrition standards reflect Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating. In order for restaurants to meet them they must provide healthy choices on the menu as well as at request.


Here are some examples of how you can eat smart in an Eat Smart! Restaurant:


For a list of Eat Smart! Restaurants and more information on the program visit You can also call a Public Health Dietitian at 625-5968 for additional information on making healthy choices when eating out.


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