Mohawk Medbuy’s Acquisition of Northern Supply Chain Receives Strong Endorsement from NSC Membership

The move preserves a regional office in the north and strengthens procurement for Northern Ontario health care providers and Children’s Aid agencies across the province

Mohawk Medbuy Corporation’s (MMC) purchase of Northern Supply Chain (NSC) has received robust approval from all NSC Members. Both organizations have been committed to continuing a strong presence in the region to focus on services for 33 Northern Ontario hospitals and other health care providers. As part of the acquisition, MMC will maintain a Regional Office in Thunder Bay, supported by the former NSC staff. Northern Supply Chain also provides sourcing assistance to the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS) and their respective membership of 50 child welfare agencies across the province. Continuing that support to OACAS agencies following the acquisition is a priority of MMC.

MMC and NSC are not-for-profit entities that have enjoyed a long-term, collaborative relationship providing valuedriven procurement services to health care providers and other public sector agencies. The two organizations also have numerous Members in common, which will now benefit from access to additional value-added services.

“We have great esteem for NSC and are excited at the prospect of continuing to support Northern Ontario hospitals and OACAS through this process,” said Karen Berti, Chief Integration & Customer Experience Officer & VP, Accounts Payable of MMC. “By bringing our teams together and leveraging that collective scale and expertise through common sourcing, analytics and IT platforms, we can bring additional value and services to health care and child welfare organizations in the province.”

Northern Supply Chain’s decision to move forward with Mohawk Medbuy was informed by a private-sector thirdparty review and approved by NSC’s Steering Committee. This positive step forward for the two organizations reinforces Canada’s health care supply chain and ensures a continued regional presence in Northern Ontario. It also supports the objective of the Ontario Government to consolidate procurement activities. “The positive and collaborative working relationship that NSC has had with MMC created the platform to move forward.” said Peter Myllymaa, EVP of Corporate Services and Operations of Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. “We look forward to continued collaboration and further enhancements that will drive additional value for the supply chain, and in particular, to meet the needs of patients and families in Northern Ontario.”

About Mohawk Medbuy

Mohawk Medbuy is a national, not-for-profit, shared services organization that supports hundreds of hospitals and non-acute care providers in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, PEI, Manitoba, and the Yukon. MMC provides efficient, cost-effective procurement of medical/surgical supplies, pharmaceutical products, capital equipment and food/nutrition solutions, as well as warehousing and logistics, accounts payable and linen services. The Burlington-based organization also has offices in London and Brantford and a linen facility in Hamilton.

About Northern Supply Chain

Northern Supply Chain (NSC) was established in 2011 to drive cost efficiencies and standardization for health care in the North. The not-for-profit organization is one of the largest regional shared services programs in the province of Ontario based on territory served, Membership and contract spend. It comprises Member hospitals and child welfare agencies, along with many customers and associate Members.