Leading the Way to a Better Patient Experience

Trina Diner, Manager, Palliative Care and Telemedicine, TBRHSC, (right) “rounds” on Nancy Niemi, RN, TBRHSC, as part of the new leadership program. Staff rounding is a new way for management to meaningfully engage with staff on a regular basis.

An organization must have great leaders. That’s why we are investing in leadership to enhance the overall quality of the patient experience.

Our Health Sciences Centre is already recognized as one of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures. To build on that, we have engaged Studer Group Canada to implement a leadership enhancement training program that will help foster an even greater clinical, academic, and scientific environment for our patients and their families as well as our learners and researchers.

“It’s very exciting that our leadership team is embarking on this journey that will sustain and build upon the excellence that exists in our teams” said Amy Carr, Acting Senior Director, Human Resources.  “Studer Group will offer a series of sessions to enhance our leaders’ staff engagement skills that will ultimately translate to an improved experience for our patients and families.”

Studer Group Canada is a health care consulting organization that supports other health care organizations in strengthening a sustainable corporate culture that promotes accountability, fosters innovation, and ensures consistent quality patient experience for better outcomes and satisfaction over time.

“We are committed to continuously improving care with more positive outcomes,” explained Carr. “We achieve that by fostering an unbreakable link between our corporate culture or values, our leaders’ engagement abilities, our staff behaviours, and the improvements we want to observe in the patient experience and the outcomes that are the bedrock of our mission, vision, values and strategic directions.”

We firmly believe that our commitment to excellence positively impacts not only patient and family satisfaction but also our performance while also engaging our staff and leaders to live our mission and values.

“As leaders in Patient and Family Centred Care, we know that providing a satisfactory patient experience is of utmost importance. We fully embrace this service improvement journey because it comes with a firm and measurable commitment to excellence,” said Jean Bartkowiak, President and CEO.  “We want to make sure our employees feel valued, our physicians feel confident about the quality of care we are providing, and most importantly – that patients feel that the service and quality of care they receive here at our Health Sciences Centre are extraordinary.”

This process will further strengthen the already positive corporate culture that we are known for. It enhances an environment that naturally attracts and retains high performers and allows them to thrive, ensuring that we continue to flourish in the future.

“Our approach to leadership isn’t just about being a leader of people and employees, it’s also about solidifying us as a leader of health care delivery,” says Bartkowiak. “By combining proven best practices of leadership with leading edge clinical and relational practices, we will achieve greater successes in improving the overall patient experience.”