Learners on Your Care Team

This Hospital is an academic health sciences centre. That means it is a teaching facility where learners come to look after real patients in a real care setting. It is important for learners to do this to gain experience and build the skills they will need in the future. You have a choice to accept care from learners, and we hope you will allow them to be part of your team.

When learners talk to patients like you, they learn how to include you and your family in your care. Learners know that treating you with respect and keeping you and your family at the centre of care are the main goals of our Hospital.

Learners always have a clinical teacher they can call on for guidance. You may see learners with their clinical teacher or they may come to care for you on their own. You may be one of their best teachers just by telling them how you feel about the care they give you.

Orange lanyards will be worn by all learners (exceptions being medical students and residents). These learners are participating in a clinical or non-clinical placement as part of their university or college educational program.

Medical Learners – Undergraduate medical students affiliated with the NOSM University are engaged in clinical activities primarily during year four. All medical learners wear red lanyards.

Residents – Learners who are physicians or M.D.s. They have already graduated from medical school but are continuing their training for another two to five years. All residents wear green lanyards.