Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets out the behaviours that we expect from all persons who participate in activities within the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. We developed our Code of Conduct through a series of staff input sessions and it reflects the cumulative thinking and ideas of those involved. In our Code of Conduct, the word “customer” refers to any individual (patient, client, visitor, staff, physician or peer) who gives or receives service in this organization. Our Code of Conduct sets the parameters by which we treat each other as well as those we serve.

We will maintain confidentiality.

We will be mindful of what is said, where it is said and the impact on others.

We will treat customers (those who receive service) in a professional manner that demonstrates respect, dignity, caring and compassion for each individual.

This includes but is not limited to:
arriving promptly and ready to contribute
being pleasant and courteous
adherence to the dress code
acknowledging the customer’s presence upon their arrival
wearing name tags that have not been disfigured or changed in any manner

We will communicate with all customers in a clear, timely, truthful manner and demonstrate attentiveness through eye contact, choosing the appropriate environment, responding and using a calm and helpful tone.

We will identify ourselves by name and department when greeting a customer and/or answering the telephone.

We will offer assistance to anyone within the building or on the hospital grounds who appears distressed or in need of help.

We will treat all individuals with dignity, honouring their uniqueness and value. We will not tolerate discrimination in any form.

We will address all customers by their preferred name.

If we do not have the resource to address a customer’s concern or need, we will connect the customer to an individual or department who can meet the need.