Report from Gord Wickham

Gord Wickham, Chair, Board of Directors, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

Chair, Board of Directors, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

Here at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, we are proud of our reputation as a leader in health care. We know full well about the excellence, compassion and professionalism of our team. And, while we don’t need affirmation, it’s always welcomed whether it’s from the communities we serve or from Accreditation Canada, the organization responsible for assessing the standards at more than 1,200 organizations across Canada.

Last month, surveyors from Accreditation Canada visited our Hospital. Accreditation ensures we meet nationally endorsed standards, provide a formal process for ongoing evaluation, and allows for discussion of education and training. The preliminary results of the Accreditation visit are very positive, and we look forward to receiving and sharing details with the community when they are available.

The timing of these results couldn’t be better as we approach the official launch of Strategic Plan 2026. This blueprint for our Hospital’s success came with input and feedback from hundreds of interviews that included local community leaders, every department within our Hospital, our neighbouring Indigenous communities, patients, caregivers, partners and so many more. This Plan is a benchmark for collaboration and development, and we look forward to sharing its contents officially with the community later this month.

As this is my final report prior to the summer break, I wish to add a few notes of appreciation. The Board is very proud of our Hospital staff, professional staff, leadership and volunteers, all of whom have made tremendous sacrifices to help keep our community safe during the pandemic. We know many of you are exhausted, and have worked longer and harder and in more difficult conditions than ever. The Board is inspired by your relentless commitment to safe, quality, patient and family centred care. Thank you for your flexibility and resilience.

I wish everyone a safe and happy summer.