Performing and Volunteering Both a Part of Megan Nadin

Megan Nadin
Megan Nadin performing.

Talented Thunder Bay Entertainer Recording in Nashville

Anyone who saw the Rising Star showcase this Spring knows Megan Nadin’s unforgettable voice. The showcase, held at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, helped raise awareness about mental health. For Megan, it combined her two passions: performing and supporting great causes.

“That was really great,” Megan said. “I’ve realized that my music can be my platform. I’m reaching a wider audience, and I can use that attention to raise awareness about issues important to me such as mental health.”

Megan has always believed in connecting with the community. She has helped in the Paediatrics unit and other areas of the Hospital. She has volunteered at nursing homes around Thunder Bay. For four weeks, Megan volunteered to teach English to children at a school in Cambodia after she received her Early Childhood Education diploma.

“I just have a soft spot for children and seniors,” Megan said.

Many of her volunteering efforts have been with the help of Mary Nucci, another strong supporter of the Hospital including through her famous candy bags.

“She’s a saint… she’s amazing!” Megan said. “I’m so lucky to have a friend like Mary who provides me with these opportunities. She’s a beautiful human being.”

Music has also been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. Megan started writing songs for fun – she didn’t know how to play any instruments, so she would just make up songs by singing and recording them. But they were only ever for her. Now, Megan is taking her shot and going professional. In a whirlwind few months, Megan had an audition in Toronto which led to a music deal in Nashville.

“My music is an extension of me. That’s how I feel about my volunteer work as well – it’s a part of me. It’s important to get out and do your part.”

Recently she took up the guitar and now has about 35 fully formed songs. Although Megan records in Nashville – she headed down again for some sessions in June – she is not a country singer. Her powerful voice and beautiful melodies are a mix of many influences including Jewel and Adele. She plans to release her latest tracks in Canada and the United States.

“It’s really exciting. I’ve just been gifted with so many opportunities,” she said.

Now that Megan has shifted careers from education to music, she actually has more time to spend volunteering. Megan hopes to inspire more young people to start volunteering early, though she’s careful to avoid portraying saint-like qualities in herself.

“I’m not perfect – I’m far from perfect. But I’m trying. I think that’s what it’s about – all of us trying to get out there and get involved to make our world better. If we don’t, who will?”

Megan plans to start her own foundation, using her music and the spotlight it brings to focus on the causes that mean most to her.

“I’m planning an event for January 2020 where I want to get local creatives together to celebrate the power of music.”