National Kinesiology Week (November 20-26)

National Kin Week 2023
(Clockwise) Duncan Hutchinson, Katherine Chisholm, Casey Ruberto, Victoria Finley, Shannon Baysarowich, Debbie Walsh, Katelyn Methot, and Keri Gerlach.

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre is joining others across Canada to celebrate National Kinesiology Week (November 20-26).

Kinesiologists are regulated health professionals who study human movement and the relationship between physical activity and health. They are committed to enhancing quality of life through the promotion of physical activity and workplace health & safety, the prevention and management of injury and chronic disease, and the overall improvement of health and performance. They are leaders in the prevention of injury and chronic disease; they work with people of all ages and every level of function and physical ability to assess, track, manage and achieve a broad range of personal health goals. Exercise is used to prevent and manage injury and manage chronic disease.

Kinesiologists ultimately aim to encourage the health and wellbeing of individuals through the implementation of movement and exercise. They work with patients to reach their health and personal lifestyle goals. Through body composition testing, the assessment of physical abilities, and the instruction of proper exercise form, kinesiologists ensure that patients are motivated and have the resources required to be healthy and move efficiently.

In a health care system that focuses on remedial care, kinesiologists are becoming increasingly valued as health care providers who focus on preventative care. Many chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet and regular exercise. Kinesiologists have been specially trained as exercise therapists to remove barriers and encourage individuals of all abilities to remain active through all stages of life.

There are kinesiologists working in Programs and Services throughout our Hospital, including Cardiac Rehab (Katherine Chisholm, Duncan Hutchison, Casey Ruberto, Katelyn Methot and Victoria Finley), the Regional Bariatric Care Centre & Paediatric Healthy Living Program (Debbie Walsh and Katelyn Methot), the Maternity Centre (Keri Gerlach), and the Transitional Care Unit (Keri Gerlach, Shannon Baysarowich, and Katelyn Methot).

Please join us in thanking our kinesiologists for their important contributions to patient care.