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On behalf of the Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network and the Patient Journey Project Team, we are very pleased to share this visual map, “A Stroke Survivor’s Journey in Northwestern Ontario” with you.

The map was designed to share the “big picture” view of stroke care and recovery in Northwestern Ontario and to provide education and support for patients and their families as they navigate the recovery journey ahead.  The map can also be used to explain the possible next steps in a survivor’s journey, as well as the multiple paths and resources that are available to provide care, education and support.  It is important to acknowledge that the journey after stroke is different for everyone.

English and French versions are posted on our website, in the Patient and Caregiver area  – under the Stroke Survivor and Caregiver resources tab, as well as a “Health Care Provider User Guide” which we encourage all health care providers to read before using the map with their patients and families.  Our patient advisors provided key points that they felt were important for health care providers to know when using the map.

We are very grateful to project team from across Northwestern Ontario, whose knowledge and advice helped to shape this final document.  Acknowledgements to our colleagues at the Northeastern Ontario Stroke Network for the concept and to Over the Atlantic for graphic design.


Co-Leads: Laura Jones, Esme French, Keli Cristofaro

Members:  Maria Santos, Chrissy Johnson, Kristina Visser, Denise Taylor, Brock Chisholm, Janine Maxwell, John Hatton, Sharon Jaspers, Lynn Bertin, Jeff and Sarah Jerrard, Marilyn Erwin, Melvin Jourdain, Laverna Brown, Todd Kennedy, Kyle Baysarowich, Samantha Moir, Pauline Mickelson, Monica Hemeon, Julia Jardin, Jill Marcella, Jessica Venasky, & Cherie Kok.

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